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Detox Market Summer Bundle ☀️

Detox Market Summer Bundle ☀️

Best Bundle Ever?

🌊 Detox Market’s Summer Bundle is here and I couldn’t be more excited for it! This is a limited edition, $265 value GWP bundle, featuring #cleanbeauty 🌿 products that is literally one of the best bundles I’ve seen in Green Beauty since my switch 2.5 years ago! It’s just SO GOOD 😍💚

I wanted to make sure that I post about it, because this is a limited time offer and I do think they will sell out!

THE SUMMER BUNDLE ($265 value)

🎥 You can check out my Youtube video as well as I do talk about my first impressions of each product, but I’m telling you right of the bat - you don’t want to miss this one 🤩🙏🌎 (Video Linked HERE)

The Detox Market Summer Bundle includes:

Odacite Blue Aura Cleansing Water ($39)

Pai Back To Life Hydration Serum ($78)

Kahina Giving Beauty Eye Serum ($78)

Innersence I Create Waves ($26)

Bathorium Sea Kelp Serenity Crush ($8.95)

Osmia Naked Body Oil ($20)

PiperWai Natural Deodorant ($16.99)

~ all products are suitable for peeps with sensitive skin like me!💖 Now, as mentioned in the beginning on this post - this is a Gift With Purchase Bundle! So you do have to spend $200 to get it, but if you’ve been planning on shopping for Green Beauty goodies anyway - now is the perfect time!

💭 What are your thoughts on the Detox Market Summer Bundle? Are you as excited as I  am about it hehe?😍❤️🐝

Clean Beauty Skicnare Faves: HusBee 🐝 Edition

Clean Beauty Skicnare Faves: HusBee 🐝 Edition