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Clean Beauty Skicnare Faves: HusBee 🐝 Edition

Clean Beauty Skicnare Faves: HusBee 🐝 Edition

Clean Beauty For All

For a while now, I’ve been getting questions about a #cleanbeauty routine for men and I haven’t posted about it until today for two reasons:

✨ 1. I think it’s absolutely unnecessary to separate products in men’s and women’s categories and I hope to see the day (in near future) when everybody is represented in Clean Beauty Space across the board #cleanbeautyforall 👍

✨ 2. My husbee’s skincare routine consisted of clean products for quite some time but it hadn’t reached a “favorites” status up until recently!

clean beauty for men

Because of the above reasons, I’m calling this blogpost “Skincare Faves: Husbee Edition” and not “Clean Beauty For Men” (#husbee is a term he came up with as he is my HUSband and I’m a BEE 🐝 Can we add cute to this somehow? Because he is!🙏)

This routine specifically is quite a simple one! It features straighforwad, yet effective products formulated with safe ingredients and would work for anyone who wants an easy 3 step skincare routine!

Now that we have that clarified - let’s get into FAVORITES! 🥰

  • Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash

    Husbee absolutely loves this product and is on his second bottle! Fantastic Face Wash has a non-irritating formula that suitable for everyday use but it aslo contains AHA which provide gentle exfoliation all in one easy step👌 It also has delightful peppermint scent and refreshing feel that he missed after the switch from the conventional products.

  • Juice Beauty Sport Sunscreen

    This SPF cream is broad spectrum, mineral zinc oxide SPF 30 cream that is water resistant up to 80 minutes. Formulated with organic coconut, aloe & jojoba - it delivers antioxidant-rich hydration. This SPF cream provides great protection and works perfectly for everyday, but also is suitable for Husbee running sessions 🏃 (confirmed: it doesn’t sting the eyes as you start sweating)

  • Gold Faden Md Plant Profusion Nigh Cream

    Potent multi-functional formula formulated with plant stem cells and antioxidants! (Red Tea Extract, Pomegranate Seed Extract, Raspberry Leaf Extract etc.) Delivers great results in terms of plumping and moisturizing without having a heavy formula! Formulated for photodamaged skin 👌

  • Ursa Major Stellar Shave Cream

    We’ve tried multiple shaving creams at this point and we finally found the one! (I’m so happy😭) This shaving cream has a non-irritating, non-lathering formula that minimizes nicks, cushions against razor burn and naturally nourishes your skin. It also has a lovely scent with hints of ginger, grapefruit, vetiver and bergamot, yum!

  • Kaia Natural Detox Deodorant “Black Oak & Bourbon”

    Just like with face wash, it took us a while to find “the one” but we finally did! This deodorant is formulated with charcoal (charcoal acts like a magnet to draw out toxins from your pores) protects against unwanted odor, is super easy to apply and distribute and doesn’t leave white stains! ( it dries to a clear powder finish) And overall winner both in mine and his experience 👍

natural deodorant for men

Daily Routines

🌞 Morning Routine: Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash + Ursa Major Stellar Shave Cream + Juice Beauty Sport Spf + Kaia Naturals Detox Deodorant

🌙 Night Routine: Ursa Major Fantastic Face Wash + GoldFaden Md Plant Profusion Nigh Cream + Kaia Naturals Detox Deodorant

As always, I hope you enjoyed reading! Let me know if you have any questions, I’m always happy to chit-chat wit you and answer your Qs! 🥰

Much Love,


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Detox Market Summer Bundle ☀️

Detox Market Summer Bundle ☀️

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