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Spring Inspired | You're A Peach

Spring Inspired | You're A Peach

Spring Fever

Spring is officially here and it got me all excited about makeup again - yay! I’ve been really enjoying adding new fun colors to my everyday makeup routine and funny enough a lot of you actually noticed it and commented on it in my recent instagram posts! (If you don’t follow me on IG, I post there almost daily so definitely check it out! LInked here P.S. & yes, adorable cat pics ARE involved)

My makeup started shifting towards more spring-inspired and colorful looks when I went through my makeup drawer and pulled all of my blushes and bronzers out! Even by just looking at them in their beautiful, vibrant glory has inspired me so much to play with new shades, tones and textures! I mean…just look at them:

I’m so excited about this new shift and I cannot wait to share a multitude of new looks with you in the upcoming weeks! I already placed an order for an Ocean Blue and a Peacock Green eyeliner so STAY TUNED!

New Series

To start of this spring-inspired series, I decided to share my current makeup routine that makes the transition from winter to spring makeup really easy! It features peachy tones on eyes, lips and cheeks and it’s primarily focused around two products: Lily Lolo’s “Life’s A Peach” Blush and the Clove and Hallow’s Lip Glaze in “Mai Tai”!


Super easy to recreate and featuring beautiful #cleanbeauty products, this look will have you feeling fresh and peachy in no time! I’m going to list all the products I used for each step here but you can also check out my latest youtube video to see everything in action! Check it out HERE


Glowy Base:

Kosas Tinted Face Oil

Hynt Beauty Concealer

Hynt Beauty Translucent Powder

Define and Get Peachy:

Han "Malibu" Bronzer

Lily Lolo 'Life's A Peach" Blush

100% Pure Better Naked Palette

‘You’re A Peach Eyes Edition

Plume Science Brow Pomade "Ashy Daybreak"

ILIA Brow Gel

Zuzu Luxe Eyeliner "Raven"

‘So Peachin’ Cute’ Lips:

Clove & Hallow Lip Glaze "Mai Tai"

(consciousbee15 gives you 15%off C&H)

peachy clean beauty motd

Let me know your thoughts on this look and also if you’re excited about this new series!

I would love to hear from you <3



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