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Clean Beauty For All

Clean Beauty For All

On 6 of September 2018, I attended my first public event as a Green Beauty Influencer and a speaker. It was incredibly fun to discuss the subject I’m absolutely passionate about it, plus to meet people who are curious about it IRL! At the “Clean Beauty For All” event, a number of topics were discussed that I felt were important, helpful and educational. And because it was received with a great deal of enthusiasm, I decided to bring you a transcript of it!

Clean Beauty For All

This transcript mainly focuses on the points I made during the event but, I will touch on the information that Kelly from Absorb Skincare and Cindy from Glossd Beauty provided to keep the topics we discussed flowing. I also incorporated answers to the questions that were asked during the event into transcript itself but please feel free to ask any additional questions you might have! (either here or on my social media)

I hope you find this post useful and fun and that I’ll see you at my next Clean Beauty event!

The Introduction

My name is Valeria and I’m Green Beauty influencer and blogger. I started Conscious Bee as a creative space where people can learn about Cruelty-Free, Vegan, and Clean Beauty movements. From my own experience, I know that cleaning up your beauty counter can be time-consuming, frustrating, and definitely costly!  And that is why I wanted to have a page where people can learn how and why make the switch and also discover toxic-free options available on the market that actually work.

I’m striving to be a reliable source of information that my followers can turn to when they have a question about an ingredient, company's ethics, or are in need of product recommendations. 

I believe that we all deserve products that are effective and joyful to use but also that are safe for us and the environment.

The Topics:

Today, we would like to discuss why and how would one consider switching to Clean Beauty. What resources are available to make the transition easier. Our experience with non-toxic beauty and how it affected our skin and our overall health. And to finish it off on the positive & productive note - first steps to a cleaner vanity!

The Switch

Around 1.5 ago I came across an article about the toxicity levels of our everyday products and how they affect our health. I was shocked. With further research, I found an app called Think Dirty, which allows you to scan products in your vanity and see how toxic they are on a scale of 1 to 10. After scanning my collection, both makeup and skincare, I was actually shocked haha. Especially because I was positive that at least some of my products were natural. What I learned was that a lot of them had parabens (hormone disruption) BHAs (linked to cancer) fragrances and even heavy metals! And as I was scanning more and more products I kept thinking:

1. How is this allowed/legal?

2. Why I'm spending my money on products that are potentially harmful to my health. 

At that point, I already went through a couple transitions with my beauty stash, first switching to cruelty-free products and then to vegan formulas exclusively and with those transitions I took it slow and replaced products as I ran out. However, this time, once I knew what I knew, I couldn't stand using the same products on my skin anymore. So I ended up getting rid of a lot of products at once and then replacing them all at once too. And with skincare, the transition wasn’t that hard, quite on the contrary I saw improvements in my skin immediately. Makeup on the other hand - proved to be a more challenging subject. I kept spending money on things that just didn’t perform well. So by the time I got a hang of it, I decided to start my blog so that other people who decide to make this important switch, don’t have to go through a rough patch like I did.

Clean Beauty For All

The Clean Beauty Effect

So how did switching to Clean Beauty affect my health? First of all - decreased amount of allergic reactions. Before I would always sneeze and get red puffy eyes right after a shower which was frustrating, to say the least. If I knew I was going on a date, I had to shower early so my eyes would go back to human color by the time I’m out. After the switch, this never happens. Another big difference I noticed, no hormonal breakouts. Of course, hormonal acne is affected from the inside but I think switching to products that do not mess with your hormones is very crucial and the reason why I noticed a difference. Also, nowadays my skin is generally less inflamed. Before the switch, when I would remove my makeup at the end of the night, my skin would just be angry! Red, inflamed and irritated. I had to fight the urge to put makeup back on because it was so bad. Now I remove my makeup and my skin is just as it was in the morning. Calm, hydrated and happy. Of course, with rosacea, I deal with redness on the daily and is a frustrating battle but it’s nothing like what I had to deal with before.

Conventional/Clean Beauty

So why should we invest our time in researching this subject and why make the switch? My answer is - because currently the legislation for personal care products in the US are really quite weak and in my opinion unreliable. The USA has banned or restricted only 30 ingredients, while in Canada, that number is 600. And in the EU? Over 1,400. That means that companies selling cosmetics in the US are held to different standards in the EU, Canada, other countries. Why is that and why haven’t all big beauty companies cleaned up their acts? Unfortunately and I regret to say this - profit. Global beauty and personal care market are growing immensely every year and the truth is that harmful, cheap ingredients mean bigger profits for the companies. To me, this means that, at this point, we cannot just blindly trust companies to do the right thing. We have to put in the work, be conscious consumers and in return be content that we are safe. Also, choosing to invest in natural, quality products - shows these giant corporations that we care! We care what goes on (and hence in) our bodies, that we are paying attention to ingredients and their consequences on our health and the environment and that we demand a shift from the traditional beauty paradigm.

Clean Beauty For All

How to navigate clean beauty world

Remember those scary ingredients I discovered in my beauty stash prior to the switch? Unfortunately, there are way more of them! Most of them are hard to pronounce and even harder to remember! Good news is - you don’t have to! Currently, there are so many resources to help you navigate this new world you’re stepping into! Apart from bloggers and influencers like myself (check out my Clean Beauty Swap & Green Beauty Favorites page) , there are also specific websites that can help you tremendously with the switch that I would like to talk about. First of all: product and ingredient databases. Like I mentioned earlier, Think Dirty app is a great tool, especially when you’re starting out. It not only rates your products, it will also give you clean alternatives! What if the app doesn’t have something that you currently own or plan on buying? EWG Skin Deep Database is here to help! You can research all those hard-to-pronounce-hard-to-remember ingredients and learn there’s to know about it. What if you don’t want to do research every time you shop? Fair enough, Clean Beauty retailers are here to help! There are so many good ones nowadays and most of them are very transparent about what ingredients they allow in the products they carry. All you need to do is go these retailer’s websites, read their “banned ingredients” page, find the one that fits with your standard and voila! You can basically purchase the entire website! My fave Clean Beauty Retailers: Petit Vour, Detox Market, Safe & Chic, Credo Beauty & The Organic Bunny.

First Steps Towards Cleaner Beauty

First, go through your vanity! With the Think Dirty app or the EWG database, go through what you own and find what products are the “dirtiest” and consider swapping them first! Especially if you use them daily. As to my personal “must” candidates for the switch, I would like to mention three products.

  1. Deodorant.

    Conventional deodorants are formulated with the most terrifying ingredients. Read more about it HERE My fave natural deodorant option is Kaia Naturals Charcoal Deodorant Get it with 20% off with my code consciousbee20

  2. Body Wash/ Body Lotion

    We all shower every day (right?) and because the skin is our largest organ, it is very important to pay attention to what we put on our bodies as well as our face. That is why body wash and lotion (if it’s something you use every day) should be on the “first thing to swap” list. My absolute fave body products are from ZENTS! Everything they come up with, from body lotion to bath truffles to perfume is absolutely incredible. ( Get 15% off with code valeria15) I also really enjoy One Love Organics cleanser & Juice Beauty body lotion!

  3. Foundation

    Most often than not, makeup is worse when it comes to ingredients than skincare. That is why, if you wear makeup, foundation should be the first one to swap. You wear it all over your face, for hours every day. My favorite clean options are Au Naturale foundation stick and 100% Pure healthy foundation. If you prefer tinted moisturizer try the Josh Rosebrook Tinted Day Cream and if you prefer powders Alima Pure has got you covered.

Final Thoughts

I hope that you learned some useful information about the Clean Beauty movement today. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions, suggestions or comments. I strongly believe in voting with my dollar and I choose to cast my vote towards a future where whether a product is safe is not even a question! And my sincere hope is that this talk today made you consider the same!

Till next time,

Valeria G

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