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July Favorites

July Favorites

July Favorites

This past month was a bit of a weird one for me! I didn't wear makeup for most of the month and stuck mostly to a skincare routine that I know works well for my skin. However, I did add a few new products to my regiment and some of them most definitely deserve a "favorites" mention! Let's start with the product I talked about a number of times since its launch last month: 

Green Beauty July Favorites

100 Percent Pure "Does it all" Sheet Mask

This ultimate multitasking sheet mask was my go-to for this past month. Whether I didn't get enough sleep, didn't hydrate properly (read: was a bit hungover) or simply wanted to pamper myself - I went straight to the mask drawer to pull another one of this sheet masks out. It really does it all! Lessens lines with Retinol; Evens skin tone with Sake Enzymes; Boosts collagen with Vitamin C; Increases circulation with Caffeine; Hydrates with Hyaluronic Acid...and can you believe it - so.much.more! I cannot recommend this mask enough (for any skin type) and already repurchased two more packs of these!

100% Pure Does it All Sheet mask review

Kaia Naturals Takesumi Detox Overnight Dry Shampoo | Brunette

This product was another hardcore staple in my minimal routine in July. First off - it works great! And I will tell you more about that in a second, but I really wanted to highlight how excited this product is for me due to the fact that is so innovative. I find it so inspiring that Kaia Naturals decided to create a product that is different and features new technology! It's time activated (requires at least 4 hours to perform at its full capacity) and powered by detoxifying charcoal! It is best sprayed at night and I love the idea of waking up to hair that looks, feels and smells clean. It also features a New Spray Technology that works without harmful propellants! It allows you to get more product out of each bottle (traditional aerosols are filled with 60-90% gas so you actually getting only 10-40% product) in a natural and non-toxic way! And let me tell you - it works beautifully! Refreshes your hair while enhancing the volume and texture even for my fine hair. It's available in 2 tints: blonde & brunette and that is something that's hard to find in the natural dry shampoo world. Brunette is lightly tinted for easy blendability and is perfect for red, brunette, and black hair. MORE good news?! (is there such thing as good news overload? I don't think so!) You can get it with 20% off (Yay!) with code CONSCIOUSBEE20 🐝

Kahina Giving Beauty Oil Cleanser Review

Kahina Giving Beauty Oil Cleanser

Another new product in my rotation that I've been loving! I've been using the same product to remove my makeup for more than a year and was craving some change. When I saw that Kahina Beauty launched a new oil cleanser that was formulated to be super hydrating, have antioxidant AND anti-inflammatory properties - I was sold! This cleanser features four key ingredients:

  • Calendula: Stimulates healing through antiseptic and antimicrobial action

  • Turmeric: anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory to combat acne and reduce redness

  • Blue Tansy: Reduces redness and irritation, soothes and calms

  • John’s Wort: Rich in flavonoids, helps heal and repair damaged skin

In this way on top of dissolving makeup, sunscreen and bacteria it also has amazing skincare properties. I've been using this product for the past month and absolutely loving it! It removes all my makeup and my skin feels balanced afterwards. Love!

Everyday Minerals Eye Shadows in "See Ya on Lamar" "Fishin' for Love" & "Outdoorsy Gal" (all from Austin Makeup Diary Kit)

These three shades have been my favorite go-to eyeshadows in July. 'See Ya on Lamar' is gorgeous peachy shade and is perfect for all over the lid. "Fishin for Love" is a deep brown shade that is great for deepening the outer edge or as an eyeliner! (I apply it with a wet eyeliner brush! Option 1 & 2) "Outdoorsy Gal" a beautiful shimmery gray for an easy one-swipe of eyeshadow everyday look! I find that all of these perform beautifully and stay on nicely throughout the day! Plus they're Austin themed - your gal just can't resist!

Everyday Minerals Eyeshadow Swatch + Review See Ya on Lamar

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Rose Quartz Gemstone MOTD

Rose Quartz Gemstone MOTD

Multi-Masking Green Beauty Routine

Multi-Masking Green Beauty Routine