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Au Naturale Memorial Day Sale

Au Naturale Memorial Day Sale

As many of you know, Au Naturale is one of my absolutely favorite Green Beauty MakeUp Brands! With that, I have some good news for you ( and me lol) - Au Naturale is having an amazing Memorial Day Sale! ( 25% Off the entire website with code longweekend ) And because this is a perfect opportunity to get your hands on some organic goodies whether you love Au Naturale products already or have been eyeing their line for a while, I decided to get a little list together of my favorite Au Naturale products to give you some ideas for a fun shopping spree this weekend! 

Au Naturale | The Brand

To start, a few words about the brand itself which highlights why Au Naturale is one of my most-loved brands to support.

If you ever heard of The Clean Beauty Revolution, well, Au Naturale is the company that started this amazing cause. Since day one, Au Naturale's mission was to advocate for the consumer's right to know what ingredients go into the products that they purchase as well as educate about product toxicity. In this way, Au Naturale cosmetics is both a brand & a cause, as their products demonstrate to the consumer that Green Beauty is very much possible! That is why this brand resonates with me personally and I'm so happy I get to share my love for them with you!

To learn more about this amazing movement please visit


Clean Ingredients

& High Performance

Au Naturale | My favorites

My constant fave for months now! This Au Naturale highlighter gives such a  gorgeous glowy look to the skin that is also very natural. My guess that has to do with the amazing cream formula! (which btw wears beautifully throughout the day and applies well over powders) If you ever saw a picture of me and thought my highlighter game was on point - check this guy out because it's literally the only illuminator I've been wearing. 

I've always been a fan of creme eyeshadows as they are so easy to use! They are definitely my favorite for one color-over-the-lid-and-I'm-out-the-door look! "Vintage" and "Addiction" are both deeper shades that are perfect for an effortless smokey eye. You can apply it straight from the stick and blend out the edges with your finger - and you're ready to go! ( of course, you can also use eye-brushes too and layer other products on to create a more complex look) They also come in fun shades like " African Violet " & "Bora Bora" which I think will be perfect for summer looks.

Even though I am not the biggest fan of the packaging on the Fine Powder Eyeshadows myself - I know that a lot of bloggers & makeup artists appreciate the mess-free concept for these high-performance pigments. I personally de-potted mines in a palette and I absolutely adore them like that! Lace is the only eyeshadow I use in my inner corners, and Mahogany & Copper are my favorite versatile shades to play with. As these are basically pigments you can turn them into eyeliner as well! 

Au Naturale Lip Stain in On Pointe was the first product I've tried from them and I was immediately in love. Before my switch to Green Beauty - liquid lipsticks were my go to-es as I preferred the longevity as well as the application process with liquid lippies. Both "On Pointe" and "Marsala" are very versatile and easy to incorporate into a look. They smell delicious and last a fair amount of time for a matte formula that is not drying. 

Even though I myself was never a big fan of lip glosses, I enjoy the Au Naturale ones a lot. They are formulated to have a thicker consistency and a great amount of pigment. That creates a product that is more lasting than the average gloss and can be definitely worn by itself as well as on top of a lipstick for that extra shine. I find them to be not very sticky and also they don't leave the white cast that a lot of lipglosses do. Together with an amazing ingredient list - this is a golden ticket product for a fresh summer look.

💭 What are some your favorite products from Au Naturale? Are planning on getting some goodies this weekend? Let me know! I myself am thinking about getting a lip gloss and some more fun cream eyeshadow shades! 🐝


This is not a sponsored post. Affiliate links or codes are used, meaning I receive a small % of sales made via them. Shopping via these links comes and no additional cost to you and help me support my blog. 

All opinions expressed are my own and 100% honest. 

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