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Everlane | The Underwear Line

Everlane | The Underwear Line

Everlane is known for comfortable, sturdy, well-made basics. It has quickly become my go-to brand for staple pieces because not only I enjoy the style and the aesthetics of the brand, I also love that they practice “radical transparency” by revealing the true cost and markups to customers. And the fact that they strive to build personal relationships with factories that make their designs and make sure that factory workers are paid fairly.

They recently launched an underwear line and as I couldn't find almost any reviews online I decided to write one for you babes.

Today we will be talking specifically about the underwear line, however, do let me know if you'd like a review of their denim or other basics as I have a number in my collection.


Everlane: The Underwear Line 

Everlane Underwear Review

If you haven't seen the promo video and photos, honestly go watch it now because it's incredible. I loved everything, from the idea behind the line to beautiful unretouched models in the campaign to the simplicity of the design. I also was extremely happy to see that the entire collection is made from Supima cotton! A material that is grown in the U.S. and is made up of extra-long fibers that give the material premium strength, softness and color retention. For the line's production, Everlane used most progressive factory groups in Sri Lanka, MAS Holdings, which pays twice the national minimum wage and offers worker education programs (like women's health initiatives and financial planning training) for its predominantly female workforce. I LOVE that! 

Here's what Everlane has to say about their undergarment line:

"Underwear should be made for you. But for decades, it's been designed with someone else in mind," noted a press release. "Bras that push, pad and squeeze. Fabrics that suffocate. Lace that chafes. The industry has made billions telling women that in order to feel sexy, they need to look like something they're not. But times are changing — and so should our underwear." 

I honestly wanted to try out at least 5 out of 6 styles (🙌) but decided to start with 3 I was most excited for. Let's look at them up close!


The Bodysuit

I couldn't wait to try this piece on! I personally think bodysuits are the ultimate base layer. You can dress them up and down but what is so great about them- they fit you like no camisole ever will. Unfortunately, a lot of them are made out of synthetic materials but this guy is different. Made of soft, double-layered Supima cotton, the Everlane bodysuit features easy straps, a low curved back, and a supportive-yet-comfortable fit. I absolutely love the cut on this bodysuit, somehow they managed to make a very comfortable piece that looks so effortlessly sexy! Will absolutely consider getting this in other colors and also on me personally this fits true to size.  Get it on the official Everlane website here.


Okay, I feel like I need to mention a little bra backstory before I go into this review. I stopped wearing conventional bras over 1.5 years ago and nowadays stick to bralettes and nippies or nothing at all. I despise how uncomfortable conventional bras feel and want nothing to do with them! I know I am lucky that I can comfortably not wear a bra and that unfortunately, this is not an option for everybody. Okay, so where does Everlane Bra fit in all of this? The Bra itself is a mix between a very comfortable sports bra and a tank top. I personally find it extremely pleasant to wear as it's soft,  double-layered and has an elastic band for a perfect fit. Offers perfect amount of support whiles there's no pushing or padding involved. I personally think it's all around best bra I have ever own. Get it on the official Everlane website here.

The Bottoms

I personally prefer bottoms that are both comfy while a bit cheeky and that's why I went for the style Bikini. They're soft without feeling delicate, and the cut is the perfect balance of design and everyday practicality. They feel secure and comfortable, and stretchy in all the right places. They are a thinner material and so look great under clothes. I find them extremely comfortable and cute at the same time. Would definitely recommend! Get it on the official Everlane website here.

Overall Thoughts 

I'm extremely happy with the line and will most definitely get more styles and colors! Out of three my first picks to get would be the bodysuit and bra just because feel like they are truly unique items. But if you need some undies in, they do offer a combo of three pairs for 27$. They also offer underwear for men.

💭 What do you think of this line and if you're considering trying anything out! Do you like the simple look of this line or prefer something more sophisticated? Let me know!


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