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Zents | Eco-Chic Company That Stole My Heart

Zents | Eco-Chic Company That Stole My Heart

Brought to you from the mountains of Colorado with the desire to uplift people - Zents is the definition of eco-chic.


There's not going to be any suspense or plot twists in this post, I'm telling you right off the bat - I have never resonated with a company and it's products on so many levels before! 💕

In this post, I'm going to TRY to tell you all the reasons why I love Zents so much without typing up an actual novel on the topic. 

Zents whole line of products is:

1. ALWAYS: Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Gluten Free, Up to 98% Organic.
2. NEVER: Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Petroleum, Dyes, Sulfates, Palm Oil.

✨They believe in supporting small economies, both in the USA and around the globe. From women's co-ops In Africa (this provides them with fair wages and work conditions, as well as an opportunity to support themselves and their families) to organic to biodynamic farms that are local (biodynamic farms are not only organic, they also make sure the plants that grow next to each other are compatible and are sourced at their peak potency) Zents also believes giving back is good, they love supporting the community through charitable events and volunteering. They're also all about green living! Zents strives to be as green and sustainable as possible. By using wind energy, LED lighting, using FSC sustainable papers and recycling practices they really do care about the planet and it shows. 💚

As if all that was not enough, they create the most luxurious products I've ever experienced. For somebody like me who is always looking for the products I use to be cruelty-free, non-toxic and sustainable, but also someone who appreciates the attention to details and mindfulness behind an idea or a brand - Zents is absolutely a perfect match. 💕

Apart from clean ingredients, Zents products are infused with Zen Blend which is a blend of stress-busting flower essences that provide all of their products with a healing and calming benefits. Zen Blend consists of:

  • Lavender    Stress Relief
  • Star Tulip   Calm, self-guidance
  • Dandelion  Tension and toxin release
  • Yarrow       Strength and resiliency
  • Manzanita  Centeredness, happiness
  • Self-Heal   Wellness and healing

Packed with luxe hydrators, natural anti-agers, probiotic peptide-rich components, Zents creates products that work with every skin type to hydrate & repair and give you healthy and glowing skin.



The Ultimate Eco-Chic Brand


Their line of products is centered around ten scents which they themselves describe as "a liquid memory" rather than just a fragrance. These scents are beautiful and luxurious but not overpowering. Each of them embodies a sentiment and an experience. And if like me, you are sensitive to fragrance, you have nothing to worry about! Cord Coen, Zent's creator, suffers from scent-sensitivity himself and strives to create “migraine-free” fragrances that even people who are sensitive to fragrance will find Zents perfumes pleasant and non-irritating. 🙌

Their Signature Aromas are:

  • Mandarin warming l ginger, mandarin, cardamon
  • Oolong    energizing l lavender, lime, oolong tea
  • Ore          euphoric l clove, orris, ylang-ylang
  • Sun          calming l vanilla, sandalwood, amber  
  • Fresh       soothing l linden, cucumber, lemon
  • Water      refreshing l blue chamomile, coriander, lemon, mint
  • Petal        soft l lily of the valley, rose, lemon
  • Fig           spicy l clove bud, cinnamon, cognac
  • Anjou      uplifting l armoise, geranium, vanilla
  • Earth       strengthening l sandalwood, fir, bay

All the scents in the collection are absolutely delightful and work great together if you would like to mix and match. My favorites at the moment are Sun, Fig and Ore! The cool part about too is that apart from the Eau de Toilette itself you can get any product from their entire line in any of these scents and experience the aromatherapy benefits, whether it's a body lotion or shampoo. You can also like a mentioned get different products in different aromas and create your own personal experience with Zents products.



Now that I've introduced to the company let me tell you about the products and my experience with them. First thing first, the packaging is definitely, no doubt - 10/10. Absolutely gorgeous,  every collection carries its own specific pattern and I couldn't decide which one is my favorite even if I wanted to.  

At this point, I use a number of different products from Zents and I want to say my body care is on a whole new level. I will admit I was never the one who had a very deliberate skincare regiment for my body but since I was introduced to these products that changed drastically.

Weekly At Home Spa Routines are a must now.

I will absolutely write a detailed post on that soon! Here's a little sneak peek!


On days when I don't have time to take a bath a minimum of products that I use are a body wash,  body lotion mixed in with a body oil, a body balm and Eau de Toilette.

The Body Wash ageless aloe moisture wash with fruit extracts & shea

Basically a "facial" for your hands and body. With nourishing shea butter, it moisturizes while fruits extract gently exfoliate. I love using this as an everyday body wash and I also found it perfect as a shaving liquid! 

The Body Lotion age defying with organic shea & lotus

Love the formula of this lotion! it absorbs quickly and doesn't feel too heavy or sticky while providing excellent hydration. Aids skin cell regeneration to improve the appearance of aging, ease wrinkles, and soothe sun-damaged skin. My skin texture feels more smoothe since I started using this product and the ingredient list (shea butter, hyaluronic acid & probiotics) is definitely the reason for that. Plus it's the first lotion that does not irritate my eczema.

The Body Oil luminous oil with organic coconut & passion fruit

I love mixing this oil together with body lotion at night time after a shower or bath. Formulated with a mix of oil (coconut, sunflower) and Vit E this product is designed to provide lasting protection. It's also perfect for after-sun care for skin and hair.

Concreta Body Balm firming repair with shea butter & paracress

This intensive balm is AMAZING. Not only it will banish dry skin on hands, heels, and cuticles with pure organic shea butter and nourishing coconut oil. It was also lovingly hand poured into artisan crafted soapstone, each exquisite Concreta is unique. You can repurpose this stunning stone to hold jewelry, tea lights, herbs, office supplies, and other small items. Or present it to a cherished friend with a gift inside.

ZENTS company founder Cord Coen spent a life-changing year in India, hosted by a family who opened their doors and their hearts to him. Your purchase supports the stonecraft work of this amazing family, as well as the many artisans they employ to lovingly create each hand-carved soapstone piece. 



You can read more about the brand here and about founder Cord Coen's healing journey here

Eau de Toilette crafted with love - liquid memory of life’s most cherished experiences

Without the doubt best non-toxic fragrances I have tried. Not only they smell heavenly they STAY ON. FOR A LONG TIME. I usually apply the spicy Fig or calming Sun in the morning and in the evening I can still smell the scent on my pulse points. Zents explains that scents become potent potions as they react with your body’s natural chemistry and that "you are the artist crafting a unique essence that invokes what is in your heart..." and I find that to be very beautiful and very true. 💕

If you think I wrote a lot - you are right. But also I could honestly go on and on and on about this company that's how much I love them.

✨I hope you give their products a try so we can swoon over them together!✨

Thank you so much for taking your time to read about my latest love and please let me know if you have any questions or requests!  


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