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Favorite Face Masks of 2018 | Holiday Skin Detox

Favorite Face Masks of 2018 | Holiday Skin Detox

Holiday Season is almost over and my skin is in need of for some serious TLC! (Who knew dough and alcohol is not a perfect recipe for glowing skin? Weird!) It is also the end of the year which means we are all looking back on the past year, figuring out the good and the bad and in the Beauty Bloggers case (#me) - figuring out which skincare products performed well and which didn’t! The two together made me think that now is a perfect time to bring you my favorite masks of 2018 to help you detox your skin after the holidays but also bring your skincare regiment to the next level for the new year. I decided on a “Top 4” list so that it’s certainly “the best of the best” but also gets all your skin needs covered.

Let’s mask our skin troubles away!

Clean Don’t Strip

Any time my skin felt congested, whether it was because my diet hasn’t been perfect or I wore a lot of makeup for a prolonged amount of time - I reach for the Synergie [4] Skin Perfecting Mask By Odacite. Formulated with botanical contributing ingredients that work beautifully together, this purifying masque is a wonderful skin treatment that delivers results immediately after the very first application. it’s called Synergie [4] because it incorporates four skin benefits:

  1. DETOX & PURIFY PORES  (Clay + Activated Charcoal = cleans pores for blemish free skin)

2.PEEL (Enzymes + Fruit Acids = slough off dead skin cells for healthy glow)

3. BRIGHTEN & EVEN OUT SKIN TONE (Vitamin C + Enzymes = fades hyperpigmentation for an even complexion)

4. FIRM (Vitamin C + Probiotics = boost collagen for firm and youthful skin)

I’ve been using this mask consistency thought 2018 and it delivered exactly what I need every single time. It purified my pores, pulling all the unnecessary buildup and balanced oil production. Left my skin firm and exfoliated and also did a great job brightening my post-acne discoloration. I also loved that it came in a powder form as that kept it at its peak potency plus left room for customization. I loved mixing it with different serums, face mists, and even oils to supercharge the original recipe. Get one for yourself HERE.

Favorite Face Masks of 2018 Clean Beauty Vegan

Bright & Merry

The newest addition to my mask favorites was the Valley Of Light Mask by Wabi-Sabi Botanicals that I received in the Beauty Heroes’ indie Beauty Box! ( great value btw!)

Valley Of Light is made with raw Balinese cacao, hand-ground Balinese Arabica coffee and is packed with potent antioxidants that aim to protect and restore age and element-exposed skin. Supercharged by a blend of Balinese Hibiscus petals, golden Temulawak, and rare Red Ginger, it gently exfoliates, brightens, and delivers anti-inflammation properties. On top of all that goodness, it also comes with a hefty portion of fermented Reishi Mushroom - which strengthens and soothes the skin with each use. Now, does that all sound delicious? Because it certainly smells delicious hehe! Valley Of Light comes in a powder form but it transforms into a delightfully creamy texture once mixed with a liquid! ( I love mixing it with different facial mists including Wabi-Sabi Botanicals The Offering Mist) It intrigued me as soon as it launched, but first I was concerned that it might be too potent for my extremely sensitive skin, however it worked absolutely perfectly and never caused any sort of irritation. I’ve been using it once a week since I got it and have been totally hooked because It leaves my skin feeling rejuvenated and balanced and is definitely a mask I will continue to repurchase in 2019! Grab one HERE.

Hydration Quench

Favorite Face Masks of 2018 Clean Beauty Vegan

The Advanced Hydration Mask by Josh Rosebrook is the first Green Beauty Mask I fell completely in love with and the love affair still continues! Before this mask, my skin has never felt so soothed and comfortable within the first application of a product. The Advanced Hydration Mask was designed to replenish and retain skin cell hydration. Formulated with Aloe Vera, rich plant oils, and Indian Senna Seed, known as botanical hyaluronic acid, together they deliver incredible formula to help lock moisture, regenerate and protect skin. This mask is like no other formula wise (as soon as you see the beautiful blue color you know it's going to be good), it's a solid and a pretty thick paste in the jar but as soon as you apply it to your skin it melts into this luxurious coating that feels cooling and extremely soothing on the skin. I love using this both in the morning before makeup application or at night time as it delivers amazing hydration to the skin ( it basically feels like your skin just drank a giant glass of water) and balances it out so incredibly well. I absolutely love this product and would recommend it to anyone who suffers from dryness or irritation. Get one (or two!) for yourself HERE.

One And Done

Favorite Face Masks of 2018 Clean Beauty Vegan

For the days when I cannot clearly pinpoint what is it that your skin needs - the Does It All mask by 100% Pure comes into play! Without fail it satisfies my skin’s needs because this mask is literally designed to do it all! (while it would probably not help you get rid of an annoying breakout, it absolutely tackle all other skin concern including dryness, dullness, and inflammation) I can honestly say that I'm obsessed this 100% Pure Mask as it's a total multi-tasker and a perfect skin "pick-me-up"! It has a very impressive ingredient list with following key features:

  • Retinol (potent anti-aging benefits, boosted collagen and elastin levels)

  • Vitamin C (lightening dark spots and evening skin tone)

  • Green tea + Caffeine (stimulate, brighten, and awaken lackluster skin for youthful glow)

  • Hyaluronic acid (delivers and locks in hydration while increasing skin plumpness)

All these ingredients together create an incredible skincare cocktail that delivers great results and works beautifully even on my sensitive skin! My complexion feels hydrated, brightened and firm after I use this mask. Definitely my go-to anytime I want to make sure my skin looks it’s absolute best! ( events, weddings, filming days - you name it!) Get one for yourself HERE.

Favorite Face Masks of 2018 Clean Beauty Vegan

Final Thoughts

All 4 of these masks helped me have the best year skin-wise! I certainly had times when my skin would act up but most of the days it was hydrated, soothed & balanced which made me the happiest! And even though I’m sure I will discover some new faves in 2019, I don’t plan on taking any of these masks out of my weekly rotation!

Let me know which face masks kept your skin happy in 2018? Also, what are your skincare goals for 2019? I would love to know!

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