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Products I Would Repurchase | Makeup Edition

Products I Would Repurchase | Makeup Edition

There are product “favorites”, there are products “new ins” and then there are products that you continuously repurchase. I personally have a lot of products that I am currently loving but once they run out - I will still like to see what other options are available on the market!

Today, on the other hand, we will be talking about products that work so well for me that I will continue to repurchase them no matter what. This is part I of the series, where I will be talking about makeup products. In part II, I will focus on skincare. And in Part III, I will talk about haircare and body care!

Let’s talk makeup!

Clean Beauty Products I Would Repurchase

Au Naturale Zero Gravity Foundation

I’ve talked about this foundation on numerous occasions because it’s just too good! It offers medium to full coverage and wears incredibly well throughout the day! Whether I set with a powder of not it stays all day without wearing off. I also love the fact that due to the natural ingredients list, my skin feels balanced underneath it even if I wear it every day for hours. I also love that from what I hear online - this product will work beautifully for both dry and oily skin (and anything in between)

Hynt Beuaty Duet Concealer

This concealer is a multi award-winning cult favorite and I find that not surprised at all! I love that I can wear this Perfecting Concealer on both my discoloration/spots and on my under eye area! It feels lightweight and not drying but also provides color correction and full coverage. It’s my favorite for colder months as it feels very comfortable on the skin!

Juice Beauty Cream Blush

You’ve seen this blush in 95% of my MOTDs and for a good reason! The formula of this creamy blush is mind-blowing to me because not only it looks like a healthy, natural-looking flush on the cheeks but also blends so incredibly well! EVEN over powder products. It's my current favorite blush and I love both shades ( seashell & peony) I currently own.

Clean Beauty Products I Would Repurchase

100% Pure Cocoa Butter Matte Lipstick

This is quite a new product for me, but it performs so incredibly well that I cannot imagine not repurchasing it once it runs out! This is by far my absolute favorite matte lipstick formula. It’s perfectly pigmented, it glides on easily and is wonderfully creamy, stays on for a long time AND doesn’t dry out my lips! As always with 100% Pure - the ingredient list is nothing short of incredible and, as an added bonus, it has a pleasant, not overpowering fragrance.

Eye Of Horus Brow Define “Husk”

Talk about a perfect formula! This Eye Of Horus brow pencil is the exact right amount of pigment and is just waxy enough to slide on easily but not so waxy that you cannot get a defined look. I think this a perfect product if you like feathery eyebrows, as you can easily draw in individual hairs using the fine tip. I’m a total fan and have purchased backups already. I have no doubt that this pencil will gain a cult following in the green beauty community!

100% Pure Lengthening Mascara”Black Tea”

This is an all-natural, smudge proof mascara that lengthens, separates and conditions lashes for a beautiful everyday look. If you, like me, have eyelashes that can handle length and fluffiness but not volume (my eyelashes just drop flat if I try to make them thicker) - this mascara is for you! It gives me the longest lashes ever! It wears well throughout the day and has a very impressive ingredient list.

Aether Beauty Rose Quartz Palette

I’m 100% happy with this palette! It's perfectly pigmented, has great staying power (I wear it without a primer) and doesn't irritate my eyes or the eye area. The eyeshadows are buttery and smooth and easy to blend. I'm completely blown away starting with packaging (again - it's zero waste!) to color selection (has everything you need for an every day or a glammed up look) to the fact it's vegan, cruelty-free and has natural ingredients. You can find my complete review of this palette HERE.

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