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Custom Palette ('green' de-potting)

Custom Palette ('green' de-potting)

Since purchasing Au Naturale Green Eyes Kit I’ve unfortunately been struggling with their packaging. The design is such a cool idea but for me personally, it wasn’t practical. So I’ve decided to press them! I really didn’t want to produce more waste by purchasing a plastic palette so I went for Elate Beauty palette! Not only it’s stunning, it is also incredibly environmentally friendly! I absolutely love the look and concept behind it 💕Using a very in-depth tutorial by Indie MakeUp blog I pressed the eyeshadows using Isopropyl Alcohol and Jojoba oil as a binder 👌 So far I haven’t noticed any difference in the formula but of course when you press eyeshadows you do it at your own risk. I'm really happy with the result and already noticed that I reach to use the eyeshadows more often! And I finally have a home for my favorite Root Pretty blush! 💕

Products pictured:

Elate Bamboo Capsule Palette

Eyeshadows (starting from the top row, left to right)

Au Naturale Dark Opal

Au Naturale African Violet

Au Naturale Lace

Au Naturale Copper

Au Naturale Mahogany

Root Pretty Casandra Blush (big pan on the left)

💭 Have you ever pressed your own eyeshadows or de-potted them to make your own custom palette? This was my first time pressing eyeshadows and I found it super fun! 🐝

What’s In My Travel Beaty Bag

What’s In My Travel Beaty Bag

The Beauty Sponge Drama

The Beauty Sponge Drama