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Luxury Ingredients + Affordable Price

Luxury Ingredients + Affordable Price

Love me some luxury skincare at an affordable price!πŸ‘Œ 

Brick Skincare is a new natural skincare line on the market that is organic, vegan and gluten-free! It was created to bring incredible results to all skin types including sensitive and reactive skin (here my rosacea sighs in relief)

I had a chance to try out a few of their samples and I absolutely adore the fact that even samples come in glass bottles. In the bundle, I received four samples of different face masks, a face serum, a toner, spot treatment and a body oil. It was easy to create a little routine out of those staples and was very happy with the results. My favorites so far are :

- The Antioxidant Mask, with key ingredients like french clay, coconut milk, and Vit C this mask boosts up your collagen production and in result give your skin a serious glow! ✨

- The Intervention Spot Treatment, formulated with a mix of 12 powerful anti-bacterial essential oils. This lil guy has impressive acne fighting and scar diminishing properties. Loved it as an overnight treatment on a breakout I had (had as it was gone the next morning yay!πŸ’ͺ)

- The body oil! Nourishes and smells like vanilla and oranges - yum! 🍊 

I cannot wait to try the rest of the masks as they have the most exciting ingredients - raw cacao, spirulina, and turmeric! And I love that they come in a powder form to keep all the ingredients at their highest potency. πŸ™Œ

Have you tried @brickskincare products? Do you like smaller indie brands or you prefer to stick to more mainstream companies? I personally love to purchase from indie brands and especially love supporting women-owned businesses! πŸ’•Head over to Brick Skincare to check their Etsy store. They have sample sizes available, however, the full-sized products come at a terrific value as well!

Pinkabelle MOTD

Pinkabelle MOTD

Behind The Scenes #kindtoallkind

Behind The Scenes #kindtoallkind