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I also touch on Fair Trade & Slow Fashion as well as Ethical Consumerism in general.

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New In! Winter Edition*

    Playing with some Juice Beauty goodies this week! 🍏 

I wanted to try their Green Apple Essence since Rhian HY first mentioned that she really enjoys it in one of her videos ❤️ And I must say - I really do love it as well. As an essence its meant to promote hydration and is used in between a toner and a moisturizer/serum, and even though it’s an extra step, I think it’s worth it at least for the winter time. My skin definitely feels more hydrated and plump!

I also decided to give their foundation a try as my skin is getting a little bit dryer now that its winter and powder foundations don’t work that well with dry spots. Stay tuned for my thoughts on this foundation (and the little liquid lip sample) as well as for makeup up look featuring these products in my next post!

❄️Do you use essences or take any extra steps to moisturize your skin in winter time? 🌬❄️

Foundation Chit-Chat

Foundation Chit-Chat

Feel Good Makeup

Feel Good Makeup